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Charles Smith, Jarsolaw Kirkoda, Derek Dumas, Conor Claughlan, Charlie McCarthy, Hannah Mowbray, Muhammad Mirza, Fiona Fleming, Xin Yi, Lisa Saalbach, gerald S Buller, Douglas J paul and Ross Millar, "Simulation and design optimization of germanium-on-silicon single-photon avalanche diodes", SPIE OPTO, San Francisco, USA (Mar 23)

Xin Yi, Zoe Greener, Fiona Fleming, Lisa Saalbach, Jarsolaw Kirkoda, Derek Dumas, Lourdes Ferre-Lin, Ross Millar, Douglas J paul and Gerald Buller, "Afterpulsing in Planar Ge-on-Si Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes", Semiconductor and Integrated OptoElectronics (SIQE), Cardiff, UK (Apr 23)

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