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Our Motivation

There is a strategic need for a concentrated and coherent effort in single-photon detection in the Shortwave Infrared Light (SWIR) region, as detailed specifically as a requirement in the Blackett Review (2016).

(Quantum technologies: Blackett review)

The UK has limited current capability in commercial SWIR single-photon detector technology therefor SPEXS will stimulate a UK SWIR single-photon industry, by performing much of the low TRL research necessary to generate start-up companies or by licences to existing large companies, in a manner similar to the UK CMOS SPAD industry as shown by examples such as ST Microelectronics and PhotonForce Ltd.

Advanced single-photon lidar systems: seeing through foliage, camouflage, fog, round corners


Quantum Communications, e.g. optical fibre-based and free-space quantum communications.  Includes satellite-ground QKD


Biophotonics in SWIR region

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